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Will Glassdoor be the downfall of your HR department?

Posted on: July 29th, 2015 by admin No Comments


Did you know that Glassdoor is now crucial to a job search? As the TripAdvisor of the recruitment world, company review website Glassdoor has the ability to reveal all of your business’s undesirable secrets, warning valuable talent and business partners off.

Here, we’ll explain how to keep your Glassdoor profile sparkling, so you can welcome in new talent without any roadblocks.

To begin with, your HR team must develop a habit for the following best Glassdoor practices:

  • Sign up for the free employer account

    Employees have the power to elevate or diminish your company on Glassdoor via their reviews, and signing up for an employer account is the only way to gain control of the direction the conversations take.

    The employer account is free; it’ll allow you to edit your company profile to maintain brand consistency across each online platform you use, receive instant alerts when a new review is posted, and you’ll be able to respond directly to these reviews. You can also post job adverts using Glassdoor.

  • Let your current employees know you have a Glassdoor profile but never pressure them into leaving reviews

    If you’ve got an office full of seemingly happy employees, it’s tempting to incentivise them all into boosting your rating on Glassdoor through a flurry of positive reviews, but job searchers can spot a forced review from a mile off and this practice is prohibited on the website.

    If your employees genuinely are happy, a simple email sent around the office to let them know that you’re now live on Glassdoor should do the job, as satisfied workers will want their company to yield an excellent reputation, hence they’ll post a review without bias.

  • Respect that Glassdoor is employees’ domain

    Regular social media strategy is not relevant for Glassdoor; employees come here to communicate with each other, away from the eyes of their managers, thus you need to keep your voice low.

    Only respond to negative reviews (more on that below), and although you can thank positive reviewers, it’s not essential, as they don’t expect to communicate with you on this platform. In fact, it can deter potential reviewers from being honest if they suspect you are reading their every comment.

If you’ve received a negative review, don’t panic. The following tips will help you recover:

  • Address negative reviews head-on
    1. Read the feedback objectively.
    2. Determine if the criticism is a fault on your company’s part. If it is, own up publicly by telling the reviewer how you will resolve the issue, but if it’s not an internal error, outline the facts politely in your public response.
    3. Sign off with an email address or phone number for the reviewer to directly contact you on if they still have concerns.
  • Identify communication breakdowns

    If you have one bad review amongst a sea of positive reviews, visitors are likely to write it off as an anomaly, and depending on the severity of the criticism, you shouldn’t fret over it too much either.

    However, if several reviewers are complaining about the same thing, you do need to look within your organisation and implement some changes. You can identify at which stage the concerns are arising via Glassdoor (e.g. during the interview phase or once employment has commenced) and then investigate your staff and internal business processes for flaws.

  • Report regularly to management

    Glassdoor has useful analytical features that record talent engagement levels. These are particularly useful if you use Glassdoor to post job adverts, as you can easily calculate your cost-per-hire rate by referring to them.

Whilst you cannot prevent former and current associates leaving negative feedback on your page, these simple measures should help you tackle criticism, rather than fall victim to it. And once your Glassdoor is polished, quality talent and important clients are more likely to want to do business with you.

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