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Whether you're looking for your next role or expanding your existing team, choosing the right recruitment agency is important. Here are a few very simple reasons why so many people choose Dragonfly.


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Hiring the wrong candidate costs the average company over 150% of the first year's salary

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  1. How to overcome the skills shortage

    There’s no hiding from the truth: the UK is in the midst of a major skills shortage. 146,0001 vacancies remain unfilled because of a lack of candidates with the relevant skills, experience or qualifications. 15% of employers report that even their current employees are not ‘fully proficient’ in their roles – equivalent to 1.4 million...

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  2. 4 simple ways to get experience for your CV

    One of the biggest issues for a job hunter is having an empty CV with a lack of relevant skills for the profession. For instance, if you’re a student just out of Uni, you may be struggling to land your first job when you have so little experience. Or even if you’ve been working for...

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  3. Employers, this is how to get the best out of your recruitment agency

    Most businesses reach a point when they need to enlist the assistance of a recruitment agency. You may choose to do so because you’re hiring in a new location or for a new role, thus need specialist advice and connections, or because you simply don’t have the time or resources to find the best candidates...

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  4. 8 ways you’re sabotaging your job search

    It’s not the state of the employment market, it’s you – these are the eight ways you’re sabotaging your job search. 1. You’re scared to cut the cord A staggering 38%1 of jobseekers aged between 18 and 24 have their parents involved in their job search. Whilst this is acceptable to an extent (if they...

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  5. Your 2-minute interview audit

    The job interview is arguably the most important part of your recruitment process. Fall victim to the common mess-ups of interviewer bias and lack of interview technique training, and your business could spend months enduring the pitfalls of hiring the wrong person, wasted budget and painfully stretched resources included. This action-orientated guide aims to inform...

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  6. How to nail your interview presentation

    Today, 89%1 of global professionals believe that communicating with clarity directly impacts their career and income, which is why employers want to test your ability to pitch before they hire you, particularly if you’re applying for a senior role in sales, marketing, or management. Of course, the interview environment is already highly pressurised, but that’s...

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